Senin, 05 Juni 2017


  1.    Search in play store search instagram as below. In the installation on hp android this     application is not as big as 15 mb.
    2.       Click install wait a moment click open.
    3.       Click sign up.
    4.       Fill your data according to that in the list click on the check above as shown below. First email address, email address in use for your instagram verification in instagramnya itself if not create email please click how to create gmail email. Second enter the username for your instagram id. Third enter your password, my suggestion the user name and password in order to write with a name and password that is easy to remember.

    5.       If it appears as shown below click fine your facebook friends. Maksut of the word below is your instagram will be connected to facebook.

    6.       If it appears like the image below click tick above. In the view below you can follow the groub, promotion or friends you know .

    7.       If it appears like the image below click instagram ready to use. In instagram there is a stout features that support that make it cool for you.

    This is how to create a new instagram account. Hopefully this article useful to help you use your new Instagram quickly. Thank you for reading my article. -:)

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