Rabu, 24 Mei 2017

Discuss the speech

Group 4

1. What is speech ?
2. What aspect must has speech? Before delivering the speech?
3. Prepare a topic of speech for midterms?


1. Speech is a speker expression of ideas or opinions. That is made by someone who is speaking in         front of public or a group of people.

2. The aspects in speech are:
    - Message
    - Speaker
    - Audience
    - Channel
    - Feedback
    - Noise
    - Setting

   Before delivering the speech, we must choose the topic and know what problem happen. Arrange        the points of the problem that will be discuss. Find the problem solving, learned the materials and        practice it. And than prepare your self.
    NIM   : D111 12111
    Study Program : Civil Engineering
    Speech :Civil Engineering is the Construction

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