Senin, 05 Juni 2017

My future business.

 If you have to make a business, what kind of business will you do? Elaborate your idea.
   Online Business Shop

In the present era with a lot of access that uses gadgets and many offers from social media that support to facilitate consumers to have something desired. The community is easy with its gadget picking stuff and can quickly to own it without having to busy looking hard to go to stores.For me the online shop business is the solution for the society for the present era. This business is very profitable for sellers and buyers, this business is also not too difficult to do and promoted. Well, how? One of which can use social media that exist at this time. For example, facebook, instagram, bbm, line etc.This business is very profitable for me and does not need much capital cost early. This business is also not too detrimental to the public and the selling price is not too expensive so, much in favor of buyers, especially teens because in addition to easy ordering and goods update. As for this business is not too fixated with the place we want to use as a seller, we can use our own home for its goods, and for their consumers only by using the application if you want to buy the desired item.

So thank you and hopefully useful for those who want to do business with an online shop. :-)

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