Selasa, 28 Maret 2017

Robots in The Home Group Members :

1. Arasy Satya Perdana D 111 12 007
2. Oktafia
3. Evi Tamala

1. Critical Cartoons
A. Warm Up
Work with a partner or in small groups. Discuss the questions below.
Answer :
1. We use a lot of electronic devices. Smartphone, PC, DVD Player, speaker, car, washing machine, ricecooker, etc..
2. It would be great it robots could cooking, family pet, serve the family by doing homework, do more by freeing us from small daily jobs.
3. Driving and Handicrafts

2. Core Vocabulary
A. Scanning and skimming
1. Adopt : Choose, foster, naturalize, pick, select..
2. Aid : Help, assist, serve, rescue,..
3. Career : Profesional, history, vocation,..
4. Code : Program, cipher, cryptograph,..
5. Doubt : Hestitation, question, skepticism, indecision, irresolution,..
6. Effort : Work, attempt, strain, achievement, struggle,..
7. Force : Push, enforce, demand, require, constrain, impel, compel,..
8. Oppose : defy, resist, counter, confront,...
9. Potential : Possible, likely, probable...
10. Serve : Act, function, work,...

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