Jumat, 03 Maret 2017


I am the firstborn child of three siblings
The reason I went to college is that I want to be a successful person can be happy both my parents, making them so people who are not in one eye view with others feed themselves, can send my younger siblings to the level of a decent education, for me for the happiness of my family it was the very thing I dreamed about since I was junior high school, I was born not from a wealthy family may be a way inilahlah I can give happiness to them, though not able to fully.
I also have a dream to become entrepreneurs for their old age, and can continue education S2 again.
Before I tell the reasons I majored in civil engineering, I want to tell you a little before I know the world of engineering. I used to work after graduating junior high school I want to attend cookery because my hobby is cooking and baking in because my parents give opinions told me to go to school architect so I chose to follow the selection of education smk pictures of the buildings after I finished school in smk country pictures of my building, already had a direction would continue their education at the university college and majored in civil engineering
Well, the reason I chose civil engineering for graduate civil engineering was the opportunity his work is very widespread and people in need in the world of work so that if you get in civil engineering God willing, will be easy to find a decent job is college difficult but believe the result will be memusakan, you must know a lot the civil engineering department said that majors are difficult and many mendatkan money is not good ..
I am one of the civil engineering student, majoring in civil engineering is most appropriate for me other than meritorious place to stay and plan their budgets with civil engineering you will make it easier to know how much material a building that is in need to build and the amount of funds needed

A few of my story today :-)

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