Selasa, 28 Maret 2017

My Skills :-)

Hi, my name is Evie TamalaHere I want my expertise mencerikan what?What have I done with my ahlian to?
and what I do to improve my skills?
Before I tell my expertise, I would like to tell you a little yes ..Before I have to ahlian now, I have a hobby cook and make cakes and until I opened a business selling via online through sosmed cake.Well, because I was his smk pictures of the building so I proceeded to s1 degree in civil engineering so in addition to cooking, making my cake mendaptakan new skills that draw houses, roads, and other drainse others. In addition I also biased calculate the budget plan of the design that was done.What have I done with my ahlian to?My expertise is now applied to the world of work, Alhamdulillah, I worked at a company in the field kontrusksi planning consultants, development as well as supervision to akhlian I get in education I am biased to make money and can pay for college and buying me everyday because thanks god give me the skills and opportunity to work in a purusahaanI have gained a lot of expertise I draw results in addition to the money, I also know a lot of office work and other umun related to my job.Now the last question I will answer yes :-)what I do to improve my skills?Well, even though I already have the expertise but, I feel still nothing compared with the people out there, I still have lots to learn more from the people out there and still the course to deepen knowledge of skillsA few of my story today ..What if there are unfavorable please understandable truth comes from the gods and mistakes coming from me personally

Wassalam :-)

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