Jumat, 31 Maret 2017

I can’t imagine life without electricity,economy and education

Hi all ?My name is Evie Tamala here I want to tell you about my field angle what if in this world there is no electricity, the economy and education?

I can not imagine living without electricity, economic and educational for me when mutually berhungan and it is I need, not just me probably everybody equally well with me if, one third of these do not exist, for example electrical bias with the education of why bias in education we do the job in addition to using the brain and programs if there is no electricity so the education will be hampered and missed besides, for example, work problems with the electricity we can mepercepat work computer can be lit without using a typewriter, the internet can be lit so send work quickly without going through the mail and other examples of mass communication if there is no electricity so the communication is extremely difficult to be menghabat a job, education, economics, etc.Therefore, these three for me personally it is importantWell, I want to give a few examples in the economy for me personally, economically important and major needs without money we are hard to get food, education, to the place that you want to go because the vehicle would cost in the form of fuel or the cost of public transport.So it's all play an important role in a life of many people, especially me personally this is very, very me butukan to fathom my future and my goals 

That is all from me

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